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Cherina Williams, CCC-SLP

cherina williams

ClinScD., CCC- SLP

I'm a passionate pediatric speech and language pathologist, podcast host of “I’ve Got this Kid,” homeschooler of two and wife of one, who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where I love to walk, play, write and aspire others to maximize their potential.


Before I chose to work with children as a career choice, I've always had a love and a passion relating to children.

who we are

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We serve the birth to age 3 population as well as school-age children in the East Bay Area. Our mission is to provide outstanding services specifically tailored to clients' needs giving them communication skills that can be carried over into daily living. We are dedicated to providing evidence-based practice to carry out these principles. Currently, we offer child evaluations, weekly sessions and consultation services. 

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I've Got This Kid - New Podcast

Enhancing parent-child relationships by answering questions from real parents offering real solutions for speech, language, and play development.

Positive Self-Care Tips Following Childb

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