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A New Hope

A billowing flag sways through the air without a trace of being seen

In my imagination, we stand tall for justice putting away lines of indifference for the good of all

Somehow, my dreams were deferred with lines of allegiance claiming enemies who disbelieve 

Leveraging simple morals while neglecting the freedom of the sun

Encompassed with truths that eliminate the truth for the benefit of being right

My right is the right to fight for the equality of all, with the fervor in my heart of a mighty warrior

Don’t grieve for my journey 

As the leader must lead all into the journey of hope

The journey of equality

The journey of freedom at all cost

With all cost in the mind of a greater good

And as that flag waves, I hear softly in the background

We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal

And we hold up those beliefs with peace in our hearts 

Releasing the fury of a fight by any means necessary to reach the end line

Peace, peace, peace. I speak for peace and somehow they deny peace for war,

For oppression, for capitalism, for the very thing they swore behind

I stand in the clouds with that flag telling everyone,

seek life, 

seek liberty, 

seek hope

Seek the future while bringing another to ensure they don’t get left behind 

It is within the storm we see the cleansing needed to bring us back to the epicenter of hope

To the epicenter of the future

To the epicenter of love

Because without love, what do we have

What else could we possibly need?

So, the fight goes on for black, white, look like me or not, think like me or not, agree with me or not

Because at the end of the day, I have you all in mind, in heart, in future

World changers, let’s continue to walk in, promote and endorse hope at all cost. Our sugars deserve it...

Until the next time...Take Care, C

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