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Are We Really Failing?

Failure. Defining failure is the equivalent of defining original. Both labels illuminate a moment in time, in life, a circumstance, a situation, or something experienced personally. Within that experience, there was a feeling, an emotion, a something you walked away with that defined part of your life. And it is such a subjective way to look at things- often times, it requires another experience to alter or rearrange the perception of failing.

But what is failing?

Is it comparing personal accomplishments to another?

Is it making attempts without meeting the end goal?

Is it staying put without even trying?

Throughout the year of 2020, over the media, I have analyzed how much the word “failure” is pushed around. It is almost as if failure is now perceived as societal shortcomings that directly impact our world personally.

Schools are not in session, failure.

Socially distancing…failure.

Pandemic illness with no resolve…failure.

Working from home…failure.

Holiday traditions modified…failure.

Now, I one hundred percent agree, these are all challenges, however, I am wondering how much I would consider the circumstances as failures. From what I understand, failure has to be based on an action, something that someone has or has not attempted. Yet, somehow, someway, we are traveling through this year feeling failed with the hope that next year will deliver a brighter day.

World changers stick with me on this subject as it will make perfect sense in the end. While I have alluded to the actual question of failure and causes of failure, it is also important to know that failure is simply an action that did not meet the end goal. But, with every day and each breath, we have the opportunity to change our actions to reduce the number of failures we believe we are faced with daily.

For example, virtual school has been a nightmare for most. I get it. Technology has never been my favorite way to interact with the world, in fact, my first podcast episode focused on keeping kids away from technology to enhance parent/child interaction. So, we can all agree that virtual school is not preferred. However, if we frame our perception of virtual school negatively without giving it a try, did we fail before starting? Or, on the other hand, if we attempted virtual school and it did not work, before dismissing the entire process, what modifications did we make? Did we maintain a positive disposition? Were we convinced that it would never work?

Now world changer, I know this is a sensitive spot; however, I really want to emphasize that our perception, our grit, and our words can bring light and darkness into a situation. We have to be mindful of the way we employ our words because it is how our sugars will perform (in most cases). Therefore, it is up to us to be the example and model for them to attack what seems difficult and be willing to make the necessary changes to make their world a better place. We also must be willing to try again, modify, and try again in order to model the process of reaching success.

What if the world never goes back to what we knew, pre-pandemic? Does that mean the world failed us? Does that mean all the healthcare workers, first responders, and educators failed us? Does that mean there is no hope for joy and peace because the world did not lend us the cards, we believed we were supposed to have dealt?

Or must we simply adapt to create new, exciting ways for the world to work for us? Is it even possible at this fork in the road?

Within my family, we have modeled expressing the differences between pre-pandemic and pandemic. We acknowledge our feelings about the differences; yet we also provide something for our sugars to look forward to and things we look forward to that are attainable. We try to find the beauty in everything, and we look for the deeper message being sent. We celebrate the areas that are working, we discuss areas that need to change, but most importantly, we model hope.

World changer, I want to encourage you. Don’t loose hope. Don’t give up on what seems difficult. Don’t throw in the towel for what appears impossible. And even if the outcomes are not what was expected, there is still something within the fine lines that provide the strength to push forward.

Remember, failure is subjective. The only life it has is the life we give it. And, honestly, the concept of failure is not the worst thing in the world. Ignoring the deeper message transmitted within is…refusing to grow from the cards we are dealt is…and eliminating the teachable moment is…

World changer, as always, I am cheerleading for you in the corner as we walk through this journey together.

Until the next time,

Take Care, C

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