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Dreams Uninterrupted

World Changers, I have to ask…when is the last time you did something special for yourself? Was it a walk along the beach? Cozying up to juicy novel? Treating yourself to an indulgent treat? Or spending one hour alone, uninterrupted?

Do these things seem like a distant memory from the past?

Let me tell you World Changers, last week, I had the opportunity to steal away for some time. Eons of time elapsed since my last sneak away. Between homeschooling, podcasting, clinic, coursework and family time, there just never seem to be enough hours in a day for alone time. Unfortunately, I know that I am not alone in this sentiment. Please don’t get me wrong World Changer, I love all the task presented. Each area feeds a different area of my life personally and professionally; however, these special moments alone are like precious gems because it allows me the space to personally recalibrate when connecting with you.

Consider this World Changer, before the spouse, the kids, the dog, the career, the hobby, the volunteer work, the everything that now consumes your time, there were dreams, aspirations, free time, with much more time to spare to reflect on whether or not our lives are aligning with what we envisioned. These thoughts and ideas spoke to what we perceived would be a great contribution to the world or what fed us personally. I want to remind you World Changer that in the midst of all the busy, that life, that fire, that light still burns within. It serves as a reminder that our dreams are not placed on hold because our sugars are on the scene. It is like the exponential concept, “you recreate who you are” so bear that in mind when you say there is not enough time to ….

As World Changers, we have hopes, dreams, visions, and pathways that we guide our sugars along. We tell them from a young age their dreams are meant to come true. However, somewhere along the way, sometimes we give up on ours to answer the daily tasks. But…think of this World Changer, if we send the message that our sugars dreams can come true while giving up on our own than we take away our experience, our own personal blueprint that can be a valuable tool to guide them along the way.

Let’s not miss this mark World Changer. Take the time to steal away, to calibrate, to dream, to envision, to check in with yourself to ensure that your reality is measuring up to your life vision. You will find that chasing your dreams will help your sugar one day chase theirs.

Ask yourself these questions when reflecting:

1. Are my dreams lining up with my current affairs?

2. How am I making time for my personal goals?

3. What is one simple thing I can do to get back on track?

4. Can I partner with someone who will hold me accountable?

5. Do I have my life goals on paper to provide a visual reminder?

Taking out simply 20 minutes to reflect on these questions may be key to get things on track, validated, and brought back to life.

I am cheerleading for you World Changer. As long as you have today, you can change the trajectory for tomorrow.

Until the next time, Take Care, C

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