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Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

I often wonder if the person who coined the phrase, “great minds think alike…” was attempting to align their thoughts with others. The phrase almost suggests, ‘to be great, we all have to agree.’ However, I think if that is truly the case, we are in big trouble because rarely do we all think the same thing at the same time.

Our upbringing, experiences, and interests shape our ideas and beliefs. It shapes how we connect with those around us. It shapes how to perceive individuality. It shapes how we make sense of the world. Most importantly, it shapes our human connection.

If “great minds thought alike,” our ability to problem solve, or critically think, or walk in purpose would be impossible. We would become robots, simply machines without any true meaning. Our individual uniqueness would be forfeited for the pleasure of being defined as a “great mind.”

Clearly, our overall belief system should not be sacrificed to swim in the same direction as the world around us. We should celebrate our personal greatness, maximize our talents, and perform our best. That is what makes us great! That is what drives us to purpose.

In fact, if we forfeit our thought process for others validation, we forfeit becoming a model from our sugar. We forfeit celebrating their thoughts, their ideas, and their personal discoveries. We forfeit their uniqueness because the model that we are supposed to create is pushed aside.

Everyone reaches that fork in the road where we must decide whether we are going to walk in our truth or push abandon our truth for the sake of getting along. However, if the cycle of “nodding and agreeing” becomes common practice, then we sacrifice staying true to ourselves. This truth impacts our ability to teach our sugars how to relentlessly stand no matter the cost. If we lay down, how will our sugars truly know and understand their value? Our sugars deserve to walk in their purpose. They deserve to experience life without limits. To exercise the process of doing their personal best. To expand their craft, their ability, and their truth to the fullest extent. This should be done without any opposition, fear, or restraint. However, it must first start with us. If we are the model for our sugars, then we pave the way of being “great” for the sake of being “great.” That does not require us to become like anyone accept ourselves.

So, World Changer, I challenge you to analyze your life. Analyze whether you are walking purpose, in your truth, in your journey. It is the first step to the greatest gift you can present to your sugar. You never know how your contribution can make this world a better place. Or who you will impact along the way. Or who sugar may impact 20 years from now.

This journey is ongoing and everchanging. It requires practice, discipline, and a stick-to-itiveness to reach that mountain. However, I know this is something that you can do because your mind is already great. It does not require it to be like anything else. And as always, I am cheerleading for you in the corner. Until the next time, Take Care, C.

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