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Isn’t Life a Distraction?

Telephone ringing. Zoom meeting. Construction next door. Work. Life. Home. Cook. Repeat.

Kids arguing…ahem…I mean peacefully disputing. Redirecting. Telephone still ringing. Zoom meetings. Repeat.

Distractions are inevitable. Especially during our current climate. Whether we are distracted by adapting to the new norm, or living through events out of our control, or recalibrating the areas within our control-these factors all play into how we attend, focus, and perform.

I’ve single-handedly watched myself experience a range of emotions within five minutes as I juggle time. Yet, I have also learned how to allow myself to take a step back, breathe, reset, repeat. Exercising this process focuses my blurred vision.

If I have learned nothing else during this time is that within the confines of time, life does not stop. The living, breathing world around us continues to evolve, and the needs of my sugars cease to ease. In fact, as I reflect and write, I watch my son push a red frog under the door to solicit me for play.

And while I cannot meet his current immediate need, I also know that the most precious asset lies within each and every interaction. It lies within how I handle the distractions around me. It lies within accepting the inevitable, constantly reshaping my perspective and demonstrating the ability to focus.

This does not excuse the moments where the pulls of the world are not overwhelming, yet, it means that I can locate joy within the simplistic. I can make the conscious choice to weed out the areas that are penalizing my progress in order for the most important areas of my life to be nurtured.

World Changers, during this season, we cannot overlook all that is being throw at us. We cannot demand that life eases up on what it brings. However, we can allow ourselves the space to determine what is most important and act on it. We can allow ourselves the space to recalibrate in order to live out our purpose. As I write, something keeps reminding me to tell you all, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF, never give up on your dream, and don’t allow life’s challenges to define the success or failure of your life. If you define yourself based on your worse day, than it becomes difficult to celebrate your best.

Allow yourself the space and time to reflect. Allow yourself the space and time to care for yourself. Allow yourself the space and time to say “no” when you need to say “no.” Allow yourself the space and time to define what matters and to cut off what doesn’t.

World Changers, we only have today to show up and present our best self to our sugars. Never take that for granted.

Remember, we cannot be everything to everyone else while becoming nothing to self. As we all reflect, recalibrate and take shape, I stand in the corner cheerleading for you. I know you can do this!

Until the next time, Take Care, C

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