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Time Snatchers

As the fall approaches, I notice the bright green leaves competing with their counterparts transitioning into auburns, coppers, and merlots. The temperature fluctuates between summer days and fall brisk. The moon convinces the sun that light should give way to dark for the promotion of rest. It is within these balances where we watch the leaves give in, temperature prevails and night falls.

These balances remind me of life. No season is meant to last forever. No season is meant to overtake one for the other. As leaves change, time compromises with self to advocate for balance.

However, depending on the presentation of change, it is easy to feel consumed, deflated, defeated, and overtaken. It has to be the feeling of the tree when leaves realize their time has come to an end as they gracefully fall to the ground. They could have never predicted when their time concluded, but maybe there was hope they performed at their best.

It is within these hopes that we consume air, space and time. There has to be hope that within each season, no matter what’s presented that we offer our best. We cannot control time or seasons, however, we can control our performance within the confines of time. So whether we are called to blossom, shine, or transition, it is our duty to do it with zeal and passion.

As we focus on time and space, recognizing that our sugars time and space is seasonal. They are only their current age today. We only have this opportunity and this moment to create an impression, a transaction that is life changing. If we allow outside circumstances to shape our intentionality than we miss out on the importance of what is in front of our very eyes.

By the age of 3, 90% of our sugars brains are developed. Ask yourself World Changers, what are you imparting to ensure your sugar foundationally maximizes their potential? Are you taking the time to learn who your sugar is? Who you are as a World Changer? Are you providing yourself grace when needed?

World changing is not always an easy task, but recognizing the space and season we are in will help us adapt to whatever is presented.

As always World Changer, I am cheering for you!

Until the next time, Take Care, C

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