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Trust Your Instincts

Instincts are birthed through experiences that shape how we respond to the world. Through these experiences, we reframe our perception in order to promote positive outcomes. As world changers, we navigate our groove based on victories and failures faced.

Think about it…

If sugar bumps his head, we become more watchful.

If sugar eats too much candy, we limit the intake.

If sugar learns a new word from Sesame Street, we allow them to keep watching.

If sugar has a great play date, we schedule more fun.

These reactions are natural. They are real and true. However, when our choices produce poor outcomes, we become doubtful of our judgement and try to rely on others to help us along. This is human nature. Everyone wants to avoid mistakes, so we seek out community to ensure optimal results.

Seeking community can be a tricky balancing game. Leveraging personal ideas and beliefs while considering others perspective for favorable outcomes can leave the human head spinning. On one hand, we want our feelings to be validated. On the other hand, we want nothing to be wrong. Shameful instincts.

Honestly, there is no shame in wanting things to move toward a favorable direction. It is based on personal perspective. It is based on what you personally value and what you believe.

Two families who have sugars with the same diagnosis can enter into my office with two completely different areas they want resolved first. Why? Because their value systems are different. None truly outweighs the other. It is simply just different. I cannot fault world changers for seeing the world from different perspectives. It is simply my role to educate, provide support, and lead them to the best possible outcome.

I have personally (who is also a parent and a human with feelings), faced challenges when working with professionals that devalued my observations. It is the most humiliating feeling, and it has left me (in some cases) asking myself “am I crazy,” or “it must be me.” Luckily, my community has helped leverage these interactions, and in most cases, my instincts were right.

World Changer, you know your sugar more than anyone else in the entire universe. You have had access to their victories, failures, successes, and oops’es’. In your evaluation of who your sugar is, you have developed instincts about who your sugar is. Trust it. Believe in it. And when others plant doubts without true evidence to support it, than take that information for what it is…simply information. Never be afraid to ask questions. To challenge impressions. To fight for understanding. To be okay with disagreeing. It is all a part of the process.

Walk in the truth that shapes your sugars life and how you mold them for purpose. In many ways, you are probably spot on. In other ways, the world can bring perspective that you never considered. Either way, find the balance between the two and never allow anyone to make you doubt you role as a World Changer.

As always, I am cheerleading for you in the corner. Until the next time. Take Care, C.

PS: While you are here…download a free copy of my e-book “Maintaining a Healthy You.”

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