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We Got This! #ParentingPros

Distracted, busy, no time, overworked, under appreciated?

Welcome to life. Welcome to the parent club. The membership will cost at least $100k over 18 years and sometimes the rewards don’t match up.

That’s okay, we work hard for results and we fight for our little sugars to have better opportunities than we had. So it is worth it. Right?

Now, with all this busy and distraction, somehow we have lost our way when its time to disconnect and reconnect with those we love the most.

Yes, it is essential to provide for your family. Yes, it is essential to keep a roof over your sugars head. And yes, it is absolutely essential to keep life going. Yet, it is also essential to ensure we are modeling a healthy balance of work and play.

If we are connected 24 hours hours a day, what are we teaching our little sugars? Can we disconnect for 10 minutes a day just to simply talk, play and catch up? Don’t relationships thrive based on these basic principles?

Dear parents, this principle is not out of touch, it is within your reach. Not only as a clinician, but as a mom who has a laundry list of things to do…I can attest to the benefits of learning how to take a pause, lose the distractions and zero in on my little sugars needs.

At times, it seems arduous and tedious, but I am reminded during this time how precious their thoughts and ideas can be. Even listening to their frustrations (at times) is precious. It reminds me that even though life is moving at such a fast pace, I can make the choice to stop, listen, and grow our relationship.

It also reminds me that providing a direct model of disconnecting from the world during our special time will deeply resonate with the type of relationship they will one day foster and grow with their own children.

So parents, during this time where we life seems like a challenge due to the COVID-19 outbreak, reframe your outlook and take it as an wonderful opportunity to connect, grow, interact, and have a blast with your sugar-distraction free. The entire U.S. is shutting down so you might as well, lol.

Take Care Y’all!

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