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What Are We Doin’?

Buyers remorse…I hate, ahem…I mean strongly dislike the feeling of buyers remorse. At some point, we have all been there. Picture it, you stand in the aisle, stare at fifty choices and somehow-BOOM! The overload of visual stimulation drives you to making a decision that later, you only come to regret. With wonder, you may ask yourself, “what was I thinking, and how in the world did green light this transaction?”

For some, it may be indecisiveness. For others, it may be an impulse thing. For me, I usually just want shopping to end which impacts how I choose.

Over time, I have learned to effortfully write things down, go in with a plan to avoid the question, “who am I gifting this to?”

And while it is funny to walk into a store, and walk away with buyers remorse, it is not always funny walking through life that way.

We all have overwhelming schedules, visual stimulus, ideas, and messages thrown in our faces daily. These presentations can have a profound impact on how we decide to choose, exploit our right to choose, while managing what we may choose in the future.

I mean think of it. When we were kids, life was full of ambition. We all end up with the fork in the road where life allowed us to make an educated choice about ‘how to proceed’ or ‘how to take that next step?’ Yet somehow, we accidentally “choose” just to make a “choice” while that “choice” did not always add up to what it appeared to be.

We have to discern the difference between buyers remorse and life remorse. We are all offered one chance, one moment in time to show up and make the best decision that is fitting for the circumstances presented. If we opt to ‘simply choose’ than we forfeit our ability to encounter the ‘best choice’ according to who we are purposed to be.

World Changer, this matters so much in the grand scheme of things. This matter so much because the way we choose to approach life, our choices, how we approach choosing encroaches upon our sugars how they will face making decisions.

We can create one million excuses comparing why our sugars should attack life differently than we did at any given point in time. However, we also have to bare in mind that it is impossible to ask someone to do something that has never been modeled or offered. World Changing is not an easy task, and it is not for the weak at heart. There are continual modifications that must be adjusted to ensure that we are changing the trajectory in not only our lives, but that of our sugars as well.

So before you decide to “point and click” or walk away with “life remorse” ask yourself:

1. What is one simple area I can tweak to come closer to a personal goal (if can be self-care, professionally, relationally)?

2. Am I simply auto-piloting through life? Or am I making informed choices for a greater goal?

3. How am I teaching my sugar to make choices? Am I challenging them to do their best?

World Changers, after having one of the most challenging, fun, difficult, tiring weeks, I had to face these hard questions as well. There is no weakness in reflecting. Or else, how do we know where we are heading and what life has to offer?

As always, I am cheerleading with you and for you in the corner. Until the next time,

Take Care, C.

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