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What’s Your Perspective?

Navigating through these summer months has sparked our creativity to commune safely when exploring. While the kids and I have casually acclimated into the world, we’ve also been extremely mindful of parameters and safety. Last week, we grew weary of the local trails and decided it was time to mask up and venture out. Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge opened up a new world. Not only are the historical buildings unique to the area, the air appears foggy, wind gust pick up and the temperature is sometimes 20 degrees cooler than home. Now you would think that the weather changes (we call them microclimates) would not have such a significant impact after a 20 mile drive, but I am here to tell you that it is real. It is the difference between short sleeves, shorts and flops versus long sleeves, pants and a coat. It’s that serious.

I digress…the kids and I found ourselves on a scenic route to the Golden Gate Bridge. Windy roads, bikes portraying themselves as cars, visitors snapping photos, and the earths crust peeking through the mountains while the ocean stood in all her glory.

We arrived. Excited, elated, overwhelmed, flabbergastic and also scratching our heads. The kids and I have traveled this road a million times, and it took this day for us to detour to see the bridge from another perspective. Not only did she appear more grand, her statue spoke of a grace and elegance we’ve never perceived. We love the benefits of the bridge, she gets us from point A to point B safely and securely, yet today, she appeared to be so much more. We saw her from another angle, another view, and it was in that moment that I started thinking about you.

How many times have we traveled the same road as world changers? How many times have we approached the same task with the same eyes seeing the same thing? At times, it feels like sameness equates stagnancy but that is not true. Sometimes, we have to wipe our eyes, look a bit harder and take a different approach if we want to see things differently. I’ve even learned as a clinician that in order to grow, in order to improve, in order to support, I have to embrace the challenge of trying new things to gain a fresh perspective. This new perspective places me in a position where I can see things that I may not have seen before.

This is crucial World Changers. If we cannot take the time to allow ourselves to shift gears than we run the risk of becoming stagnant, or even worse, we can possibly miss out on the growth, development, and areas that our sugars need support. Recalibration does not always require drastic change, just a shift in mindset one step at a time. World changers, I want you to take the time this week for some careful reflection.


Because if we are unable to connect and check in with ourselves than it becomes impossible for us to be an effective tool for our sugars. Think about it like this…if you have 20 year old oil in your car engine, chances are, the car may still move, it definitely has oil (or some form of it), but the car may not be performing in its optimal condition. Ask yourself:

1. What areas need to improve when connecting with my sugar?

2. Am I doing most of the talking?

3. Am I actively listening? Observing? Meeting them where they are?

4. Am I allowing them to ebb and flow properly?

5. Do I feel comfortable with their progress?

6. Have I accepted areas that need support as the “norm?”

7. What areas do I want support, community, or affirmation?

World changers, taking out the time to answer any of these questions places you on the path to take on a fresh perspective. It brings to light the areas that you are excited about while also providing the space to actively think about what areas may require some love. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it is too late to change the trajectory of things in your relationship with your sugar. The importance of your connection is more important than almost anything else in this world. Do your part now! As always, I am cheerleading for you!

Until the next time, Take Care, C.

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