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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Communication is an honor and a gift.

For almost a decade, I’ve found creative, fun, and effective solutions to help families who have children with speech and language delays meet challenging goals and overcome the odds.

How’s that you might ask…by creating intentional personalized parent-based solutions that will in return enhance the trajectory of you and your child's relationship.

Redefining how we interact with our children, or how we approach their play and learning all directly influences the way we interact with them. For example, families who are concerned about academics may focus solely on building their relationship on creating learning opportunities. On the other hand, families that focus on character may spend time talking and shaping how they perceive the world.

In essence, what you believe is what you project to your child. However, many families often struggle with how to showcase their expectations or find themselves frustrated with the executed approach.

We are also faced with myths that the definition of a good relationship with our children requires boatloads of $$$ for courses and classes to become their best self. While I see the benefit in sowing into your child’s passion, that cannot take the place of their most precious

I am here to debunk theory and myths. I am here to answer the taboo questions. I am here to break down the stigma about child rearing and parenting. And most importantly, I am here to empower you to advocate for your child's specific needs, goals and ultimate purpose in life.

This leaves me extremely excited! We together have an opportunity to take your parenting approach to he next level! Together, we will make your good, greater…your better, the best, and your strong, out of this world!

Take care y’all! C

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